Always wanted to be gladiator

The Gladiator Mud Run

Maybe I should wear a mask like this?

Gasp…* I just registered for The Gladiator in March!

To give you an idea why this is slightly terrifying, the race is “one of the most grueling, most epic, most fun-filled events ever held!”  It is a 5 – 7 mile course with 30+ “extreme” obstacles, including “the one and only Coliseum.”

“The Gladiator courses are designed to punish and please, while testing agility, endurance, mental resolve, and solidarity. You’ll not walk away unscathed.”

I’m not worried about the distance at all, but the obstacles are certainly going to challenge me. But hey, Gladiator is one of my favorite movies ever, so I can draw on all that I love about the movie to get me through the race. Makes sense, right? That, and the people I’m running with.

Gonna be awesome sauce. And I might be a puddle of exhausted worn–out sauce at the end.

Anyone completed a Gladiator run before? Any tips for an obstacle race??

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6 thoughts on “Always wanted to be gladiator

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