Fit Friday: A good long run, some great paces & physical therapist miracle

Happy Fit Friday! This has been an interesting week; temperatures went from over 70º on Monday to snow on Wednesday and temps well below frigid end of the week. Missouri has an extreme case of bi polar disorder. Normally dramatic weather changes like this make me sick, but I’m feeling pretty good. Definitely need to get more sleep though! My average is 7 hours isn’t cutting it lately.

Anyway, here was my week:

  • Friday
    • 3 miles, 30:49 (10:15 average).
    • Pyramid sets of 10, 15, 20, 15, 10 reps {tricep dips, step ups, pushups, abs}. Should have timed it, but didn’t. Oh well.
    • 2:00 front plank, 1:00 each side plank.
  • Saturday
    • 6.01 miles, 1:06:02 (10:59 average).
      • Longest run of my non–training winter season, so I’m happy with the distance and pace. Overall was a very fun run; I was well–rested and well–fueled, the weather was lovely and I simply enjoyed this comfortable run.
      • Short #plankaday.
MKT Trail Missouri {Piloting Paper Airplanes}

My loverly trail. I love this place, even in the barren winter.

  • Sunday
    • Rest day. Can’t remember if I never remembered to plank. 🙂
  • Monday
    • 3 miles, 29:49 (9:56 average). Lovin’ that under 10:00 pace! This run felt great.
    • 1:00 front and each side for my #plankaday.
Lake Park Missouri {Piloting Paper Airplanes

Shorter runs happen here. I’m always happy to be jogging around this beautiful park.

  • Tuesday
    • Saw the physical therapist in the morning, and he FINALLY diagnosed my leg numbing as a back problem and put me through some exercises.
    • I repeated those back exercises in the evening, as well as additional strength work:
      • Pyramid sets of 15, 20, 25, 20, 20 to equal 100 reps each of tricep dips, squats with 15 lb., pushups, walking lunges with 15 lb., bridge hip lifts.
      • Added some side plank hip lifts for my #plankaday and stretching.
  • Wednesday
    • Very light day. Some stretching and my therapy exercises.
    • Side plank hip lifts for #plankaday.
  • Thursday
    • 2.57 miles, 26:00 (9:57 pace) in these crazy temperatures!!
    • Therapy exercises and side #plankaday hip lifts. Doc told me part of strengthening my back is working the obliques, so I focused on side planks this week.
Running in -5 degrees! {Piloting Paper Airplanes}

Yup, I ran in the crazy coldness. Look at that RealFeel!! Plus wind. No, you don’t have to tell me. I know I’m hard core.

    • I’ve known for a while that I don’t run with great form, but my physical therapist pushed me to finally make those form adjustments. Read: I’m not allowed to do long runs until my back is strong enough and my form is habit enough to not cause more problems.I REALLY focused on proper form this week and I can see it in my time! If a faster pace isn’t enough incentive to improve how I run, I don’t know what is. That and, you know, less numbing.

Not any workout plans tonight. Going to a movie, then out with some awesome ladies. Dancing is my workout of the evening.

You? How was your week? Any fun plans?

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8 thoughts on “Fit Friday: A good long run, some great paces & physical therapist miracle

  1. I’m headed to a knee doc next week and I’m nervous. I’m glad to hear that your PT is showing results! It sounds like quite a journey you’ve been on to get some relief.

    • Ooh, hope there’s nothing major wrong with your knee. I’ve dealt with pain off and on, but nothing significant – i.e. no surgeries, no braces, etc. Sending good vibes to you!

  2. Awesome runs! What did you wear on the uber cold day? I refuse to run on a treadmill and I have a 10k I should have started training for a month ago coming up.. Michigan weather right now is not runner-friendly!

    • I didn’t have enough layers for that day… but I have a pair of thick underarmour leggings and a UA hoody that I *should* have had to hood up! Plus a warm headband that covers my ears and gloves. Normally I wear the hoody over a tank and I’m fine (not too cold and I don’t overheat), but I should have had a long sleeve tee and the hood on. Cold weather is HARD to deal with…. looking forward to spring.

    • Thanks! I would love love *love* to say farewell to cold and move south. Both our families live north, though, so I don’t see that happening…

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