Constantly challenge yourself

This week’s motivation about hard work.

About challenging yourself.

About putting in the time.

We’re in February now, it’s cold, the feeling of winter dragging on sets in, warm weather seems so far off… it’s easy to get lethargic. I want to challenge myself; I want to be growing better and stronger; I want to work hard and earn those results.

So “dial it in” this week, give your “max effort” and “push farther.” Those are enough fitness buzzwords for the morning, now go start your week strong.

Happy Monday all!

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2 thoughts on “Constantly challenge yourself

  1. I love love love all of this fitness inspiration! My favorite is definitely the ballerina, reminds me of when I was a kidlet, but the “stop competing others” is the one I definitely need to focus on. Yesterday, I almost turned around to this beefy guy I’d been keeping pace with for a mile and said, “Yeah, didn’t expect this did you?!”

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