Fit Friday: Vintage blender, 100 burpess and a virual 5k

This was a really light week for me. I do that at least one week every two months to give my body and mind some solid rest and recovery time, and I always feel great. It wasn’t planned this time, but life kinda made it happen.

Here’s what I did get in:

  • Friday
    • Strength work:
      + 60 back extensions
      + 60 band pull–aparts
      + 50 plank up/downs
      + 100 close–hand pike pushups
      + 100 standard pushups
      + 6 x 1:00 planks for #plankaday
      + 100 bicep curls with shoulder press
    • Plus the exercises at my physical therapy apt. in the morning and some stretching.
  • Saturday
    • No workout, but I did do some adventuring – including a stop at a vintage mall where I found this beauty for $15! Works fabulous and I love it.

    Vintage Blender {Piloting Paper Airplanes}

  • Sunday
    • 4 miles, 42:00 (10:28 pace)
      Super sluggish run. Nice weather, but it was windy and I just felt off. Still satisfied with time, considering. I wanted under 10:30 for 5 miles, but the fifth didn’t happen. PT said I can do normal runs so long as I can keep proper back position, and I was getting too fatigued to stay in form. Better than nothing, right?
    • After a rest, I did my 100 burpees in 10:00 for the #HealthysElf challenge group, and finished up the day with some strength:
      + 100 band pull–aparts
      + 10 assisted pull ups
      + 2:00 #plankaday
  • Monday
    • Nada. Spent the evening with my husband celebrating 6 months of wedded bliss!
    • This, however, did happen: Pipe issue four floors above our offices had water literally raining through our ceiling. You can’t see the water in the photo, but Casey makes the photo worth posting! This was one of multiple places we had bins and trash cans catching water.

Casey Voight office rain {Piloting Paper Airplanes}

  • Tuesday
    • Nothing except a short #plankaday.
  • Wednesday
    • Second pole fitness class for an hour +. Better class this week. I got much less dizzy and the new moves were a lot of fun.
    • I also did a fair amount of walking through the day, around 45 minutes.
  • Thursday
    • Again, no workout. It’s Valentine’s Day! Had a candle light dinner at home and spent the evening with NO work. Jon’s been very busy the last week, so I feel like I haven’t spent as much time with him. It was a lovely, relaxing and silly evening.

Valentine's dinner {Piloting Paper Airplanes}

And finally, I made a big batch of delicious lentil soup that we’ve been eating all week. Tasty and easy!

Lentil soup {Piloting Paper Airplanes}

This weekend I’m planning to get in a 6 miler and I’m doing the I Run with Heart Virtual 5k FuN rUn hosted by fellow Girls Gone Sport and Sweat Pink ambassador Trina from Run Crazy Fit for Life. I’m excited!

Join the Facebook event and run the virtual 5k with us this weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Fit Friday: Vintage blender, 100 burpess and a virual 5k

    • Nice! I used to do burpees a lot more, and I think I need to add them in more often. 50 sounds more reasonable after a run than 100!

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