Fit Friday: Best run ever, virtual 5k & snow days.

Been a different week for me. No real reason, just different. Maybe going from mid 50’s last weekend to a winter storm and two snow days has things feeling a bit helter skelter. I’ve had time to catch up on a bunch of work and personal stuff, though! Always a good feeling.

My week:

  • Friday
    • No workout, but an evening of champagne and girly movies with Casey. And a video that maybe no one else will enjoy, but we find hilarious.
  • Saturday
    • Best. Run. EVER. Well, so far. 6.2 miles, 1:00:00 (9:43 pace).
      I went into this run caring about perceived effort than time. As my runtastic app gave me my splits, it became clear that I was moving at a great pace. “One hour,” I kept telling myself. “I can hold a 10:00 pace. You got this.” As any runner knows, a few seconds either way are huge. I didn’t just hold a 10:00 pace, I destroyed it. 🙂
    • Finished up with 40 walking lunges, 50 pushups, 60 back extensions and 1:00 #plankaday front and each side.
  • Sunday
    • Virtual 5K: 3.1 mi, 34:00 (10:58 pace)
      Considering I walked a fair amount of this, I’m happy with that pace. I participated in this virtual 5k with Casey, who’s not a runner, so we took our time and enjoyed the beautiful weather!
    • Finished with 100 back extensions, 100 abs, 50 pushups, 50 bridges, 50 tricep dips and a 2:30 #plankaday.

Virtual 5k {Piloting Paper Airplanes}Virtual 5k {Piloting Paper Airplanes}

    • Monday
      • Rest day with 2:00 front plank and 1:00 planks each side.
    • Tuesday
      • 60 each:
        • back extensions
        • band pull–aparts
        • plank up/downs
        • tricep dips
        • push ups
        • low wood chop
        • bicep curls w/ shoulder press
        • pike push ups
        • & bent rows.
      • Plus 3x 1:00 planks.
    • Wednesday
      • Third pole fitness class. Almost forgot about class and didn’t have time to eat before hand! Made for a tougher – and dizzier – evening. Next week is the last class, so I’m gonna be better prepared! And maybe have a video or two….
    • Thursday
      • Nothing except a quick 1:00 #plankaday. Pretty much just lazy. Well… that and a snow storm.I got myself and into the office – through sleet and wind – just to turn around and go home a whopping 45 minutes later. Felt like a total waste of the morning. On the short drive home mine and other vehicles were already sliding around and visibility was terrible. Plus is I have another snow day today!
Brocoli pizza {Piloting Paper Airplanes}

Also, this happened. Brocoli and onion pizza on homemade dough. Delish.

Not sure what else the weekend holds. Probably zero running. Days like this make me really want a treadmill. And a hovercraft.

And finally, a friend just sent me this. *This much* ironic. 🙂

How do you workout when you’re snowed in?

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8 thoughts on “Fit Friday: Best run ever, virtual 5k & snow days.

  1. I’m all about the workout DVDs for winter! Now that I’m actually running again I can see that using DVDs all winter really helped improve my runs. My faves are Bob Harper DVDs

    • I haven’t tried Bob’s. I have a few Jillian ones, but I can’t do her’s regularly; her doesn’t work for me. I’ve been doing more strength and HIIT workouts in the winter, and I can definitely tell in my running, too! When the weather permits, of course.

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