Fit Friday: Killer HIIT workouts, half mary training plan and a film festival

Can I just tell you something?

I hate snow. Haaaaaate the slushy sloppy brown wet mess that happens 7.3 seconds after the pretty winter wonderland that is a fresh snow fall. I absolutely 110% dislike nearly everything that comes with winter.

We’ve had 3 snow days in the last week – which I can’t overly complain about. If it’s gonna snow, it should at least snow enough that I don’t have to be out in it. On the other hand, my schedule is completely screwed up and I haven’t run in over a week. Sans a gym membership or a treadmill, I’m an outside–only runner…. and, as I’ve just mentioned, I don’t do snow. That and I don’t want to re–injure myself.

All of that is really long and whiny excuse as to why my workouts have been less than stellar this week.

  • Friday
    • Started with this Bender Fitness workout ( that took 19:00 on the dot:Alternating 1:00 high knees and 1:00 mountain climbers between 20 each of left leg bridge, right leg bridge, alternating 1 leg pushups, heel tap leg lifts, supergirls, left lunge to warrior III, right lunge to warrior III.
    • Followed with 50 each back extensions, band pull–aparts, tricep dips, v sits, pushups and squats with 15 lbs. And finally, a nice long stretch session!
  • Saturday
    • Don’t remember why, but I didn’t do anything besides some PT back work.
  • Sunday
    • This workout was AWESOME. And hard. I finished in 42:15 and was a sweaty puddle on the floor afterwards.

The 1000 Summer Cardio workout {Piloting Paper Airplanes}

  • Monday & Tuesday

    • Yup, you guessed it. A little yoga and my daily planks were all that happened.
    • Tuesday was another snow day, so I took advantage and made my half–marathon training plan for the spring!!

Half Marathon training plan {Piloting Paper Airplanes}

  • Wednesday
    • My last pole fitness class. It’s been a fun experience, but I’m not sad it’s over. I just get far too dizzy! That said, I recommend trying it… and I’ll probably post a video or two from our classes. Scandalous I know. You can handle it.

To celebrate our month of pole dancing, we of course had to go out after.

{Piloting Paper Airplanes}

  • Thursday
    • 60 back extensions for my physical therapy work and a 2:00 #plankaday.
  • Friday
    • 30 minutes of strength work at my therapy appointment this morning.
    • In other news, I finally have my own domain name!! I’ve been dragging on this, but the day has arrived. I’m pretty excited.

No big workout plans for this weekend because we have friends in town for an AWESOME documentary film festival! True/False is easily the coolest thing that happens in this town; we have loved it every year. Not sure which films we’re going to see yet, but I’m excited. We live walking distance to down town, so instead of trying to park with a few 30+ thousand extra people in downtown, we’ll be doing a lot of walking the next couple days.

Hopefully your week has been less lame than mine. Tell me what you did!
Any fun weekend plans??

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2 thoughts on “Fit Friday: Killer HIIT workouts, half mary training plan and a film festival

    • Ha! Yeah, I’m just not that hard core of a runner I guess. No shame, though. I’m not going to risk dying or breaking body parts.

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