Fit Friday… sort of. Gladiator race is tomorrow!

Life is crazy!

My office is nuts right now prepping for a conference, and though little of the work directly affects me (is that a hallelujah chorus I hear?) the environment is stress. I’m in the middle of several freelance jobs. I’m trying to move two of my sites to our server. P.S. If things go crazy here at PPA in the near future, just bear with me. 🙂

I haven’t been sleeping well and or going to bed early enough.

AND the Gladiator run in TOMORROW!!!

I’m excited… but mostly nervous. I just don’t feel ready this week. Worn down, drained, maybe exhausted. Not the greatest combination for a race.

For better or for worse, it’s happening though!

This is me today. Preparing. Relaxing. Trying to keep it together.

Meditation {Piloting Paper Airplanes}Meditation {Piloting Paper Airplanes}

And these are the measly workouts I’ve done this week:

  • Monday

    • 2.5 miles, 27:00 (sluggish 10:49 pace)
    • strength work (1 round of the workout below):
      • 50 walking lunges
      • 50 pushups
      • 25 plank knee tucks
      • 25 toe touch crunches
      • 25 each side plank hip raises
      • 25 bicycle crunches
      • 25 leg lifts
      • 25 plank shoulder circles
      • 25 russian twists.

Bikini Core workout {Piloting Paper Airplanes}

  • Wednesday
    • 3.1 miles, 31:00 (9:53 pace)
    • strength work:
      • 50 each walking lunges
      • 50 squats
      • 50 back extensions
      • 50 plank shoulder circles for a 2:00 #plankaday.

That’s all I got. Well… I’ve got more I could write about life and our awesome friends being up for the awesome film festival last weekend. Good stuff! But I don’t have time or energy to post all that today. Cheers to a lame FitFriday post.

Wish me luck on my race tomorrow!!!

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4 thoughts on “Fit Friday… sort of. Gladiator race is tomorrow!

    • Thanks! I’m feeling quite nervous… but, as my friend lectured me today, I’m just psyching myself out. Positive words!

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