Gladiator recap!

Has it only been four days since the race?? Feels like forever ago.

But this week has already been stressful after two rough weeks and two fun but busy weekends, so I’m having trouble staying on top of things.

Back to the race. It was a blast!!

It was the perfect level of challenge at about 6 miles – and those miles were HILLY. The course took us up and down a few steep ravines full of rocks just waiting to roll some ankles. And we felt the windy day running across the top of those hills.

Obstacles included carrying a tire up and down and wooded hill, plenty of walls, a burpee station, lots of stuff to climb over or crawl under and a lot of mud around the pond at the end. Oh, and a quicksand mud pit that ate my shoe half way through. It was horrible. I had to finish going through the pit and then put my shoe back on, mud and all.

Unfortunately the only photos of our team were from the very end, after we accidentally took a swim in the pond. Hence I am a drenched and tired mess in these pictures!

We all agreed with our first obstacle run was a success! We had no idea what to expect and it was completely worth it.

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2 thoughts on “Gladiator recap!

    • Oh I was nervous! Especially since I didn’t feel prepped with some good workouts and rest the week before. I wouldn’t have been able to pull myself over some of the large walls without help from the guys – so do an obstacle run with males. 🙂

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