About the blog

The blogosphere is crowded, to say the least. It is difficult to find something new to say; difficult to make a mark. This blog doesn’t strive to be the most popular or the best. I am not a fitness professional and am simply exploring my personal journey of health – physical, emotional and spiritual.

About the blog {Piloting Paper Airplanes}

This blog is a collection of personal commentary. Topics range from health and fitness to international conflict to faith to politics and all thoughts in between. Please feel free to write comments – challenging, questioning or applauding any position I take.

I use this writing space as an outlet. In many ways, the world of journalism is strict. There are many rules, necessary constructs of a profession that draws so many viewers. As much as I respect the profession, and though I will quickly defend what, how and why journalists do what they do… I enjoy the freedom that blogging offers.

Behind the title
Piloting Paper Airplanes denotes both a lively and curious side, as well as a pensive or determined aspect. Paper airplanes are in themselves fun and random, while piloting a plane is a complex task. Attempting to pilot a paper airplane, however, is both amusing and nearly impossible. This represents the randomness of life and our inability to control it.

“A whimsical portrait” also offers its own contradiction. Whimsical implies erratic, fanciful, or unpredictable behavior, whereas a portrait implies a set moment which cannot be changed. “Life & Lemonade” represents living life and staying strong through tough spots.  The posts I write here range from lighthearted to serious, and the title seeks to represent that variety.


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