I refuse to say “this is the way I will always be.”

Today’s Monday Motivation is about self–reflection and improvement.

People sometimes have the belief that their flaws are what they are and you can’t do anything about that. It is a perspective that says “I may not like this about myself, my partner may not like this about me, but we just have to live with it.”

To me, this is such a hopeless and flawed perspective. I cannot imagine being happy in my life if I didn’t believe that I could change for the better.

We all have “those things.” The attitudes; the insecurities; the self–loathing; the lack of respect; the failures… the things that are continuous points of tension in our lives and that hurt those close to us. We all have those things, and there is plenty of grace to go around.

And there is personal responsibility. You can grow. You can make improvements, step by step, day by day. You can create a better you.

I refuse to give up and say “this is the way I will always be.”

So! Cheers to new adventures and new growth!

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4 thoughts on “I refuse to say “this is the way I will always be.”

  1. I agree! What fun is there in being as you have always been? We must take those things that we are least satisfied with and slay those beasts with all we have, we then grow and realize nothing can keep us from being EXACTLY what we want and deserve to be – happy.

    • Sorry to hear that. Any situation that causes you to grow into a better person and move forward with your goals can be really good, though, not matter how difficult it is.

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