PPA has a new home!

New Home Creative Commons {PilotingPaperAirplanes.com}Spring cleaning has happened, change is in the air, and Piloting Paper Airplanes has a new home!

I’m very excited to have officially made the switch to a self–hosted blog home. *Happy dance* in my living room!

There are a few glitches I’m still working out, so bear with me.

  • Only the last third of my posts transfered from pilotingpaperairplanes.wordpress.com.
    This doesn’t really bother me, as I doubt many people will be looking that far back, but just know there are additional posts still housed at pilotingpaperairplanes.wordpress.com.
  • The post comments did transfer over, but all except the most recent posts say “0 comments.” Not sure why.
  • Gallery issues! This one really annoys me and I’m working on it (if you have suggestions, please share). The WordPress.org Jetpack plugin gives me the cool mosaic galleries from WordPress.com, but the carousel when you click on an image doesn’t work anymore. It seems to be a JavaScript issue, and it seems to be a problem many .org bloggers have. *Grumble grumble make it work grumble.*
  • The URL mask doesn’t show link extensions for the pages or posts right now. The is top priority to fix (today, hopefully).

No one said go self–hosted is easy, right? I have enough web design skills to be really picky and customize my theme pretty drastically, which also means a higher chance of breaking things. :-) It also means I’ve spent a lot of time on WordPress.org forums the last two weeks.

I lost most of my blog followers in this change, so please [re–]follow via RSS (icon in the header) or email (Follow button on bottom right). Much appreciated! This new .org page is still linked to my .com account, meaning I see my WordPress reader when I log in, so don’t worry – you haven’t lost a reader if I follow you via WP!

However, if you follow PPA via the WP reader, you’ll have to re–subscribe via email or rss. I won’t be updating pilotingpaperairplanes.wordpress.com anymore.

I think that’s all from the housekeeping side of things. Please let me know if you find any additional glitches. I imagine there are more I haven’t caught yet.

Home Sweet Home Creative Commons {PilotingPaperAirplanes.com}

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